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FairFuelUK urge Chancellor to cut fuel duty

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Campaign group FairFuelUK have urged the Chancellor to cut the planned fuel duty tax in his March budget to help tackle the problem of rising fuel costs.

A study last year showed that the UK pays the highest tax and duty compared to any other country in the EU. This forced campaign groups and news publications to urge the Government to cancel any future rises.

FairFuelUK were amongst those who have campaigned since 2011 to lower petrol and diesel prices to help families, businesses and the UK economy. In the last 18 months alone FairFuelUK have successfully helped to stop a 9p per litre hike after planned increases for 2012 were cancelled. This saved £4.5 billion in fuel duty for the UK economy.

A new campaign is now underway to try and stop the 3p fuel duty increase planned for September.  The campaign comes after reports by the AA revealed last week that fuel prices have reached record levels and are expected to rise even further over the next month.

As a result of high fuel prices, sales have been at their lowest for 23 years as motorists choose to change the way they travel by using public transport or making fewer journeys.

Peter Carroll of FairFuelUK spoke to the RAC about urging the Chancellor to cut planned fuel tax: “Fuel Duty is the most 'toxic' of taxes.

“It hurts the poorest the hardest and is holding back growth. Drivers and businesses are paying an eyewatering 80p per litre in combined VAT and Fuel Duty.

“All our research shows that cutting Fuel Duty will give the Chancellor the thing he needs most - growth in the UK economy.”

Want to be involved in the campaign? Visit FairFuelUK by clicking here.

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By Amanda Bainbridge