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What Autonet Insurance’s motorcyclists think…

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With the bike season upon us and the weather finally starting to look up, “bikers” all over the country will look forward to jumping on their two wheeled machines and taking to the open roads. We decided to survey our bike clients and see what sort of things attracted them to riding, what kind of bikes they like to ride and what they use their bikes for amongst a whole host of other questions.First of all we wanted to get a feel as to what types of bikes people have owned in the past and what was their most popular choice. Yamaha seemed to be top of the pile with a wide variety of models, closely followed by Kawasaki. Many people owned more than one bike prior to their current choice, some of whom had 13! Just goes to show how passionate some people are about their wheels.

It didn't come as much of a surprise as to what our bike enthusiasts like to use their motorbikes for. Given the options of social and leisure trips, commuting to and from work, rallies and shows, a whopping 79% of people said they used their bikes for social and leisure trips. 33% of riders used their bikes for commuting to work, 13% for rallies and shows and 8% chose all 3 options.

When asked if riders preferred to ride alone or in a group, 60% said they preferred to ride alone. Interestingly, the reasons that people choose to ride bikes generated an even set of answers. The most popular was preference over driving cars with 43%. Finding it easier to manoeuvre in traffic was a close second with 28%, and finding spaces to park and the cost of owning a bike were very close at 22% and 19% respectively.

A staggering 70%of our clients had made modifications to their bikes. The list was endless as to the sort of things that they had changed but here are a few of the answers…

“Handlebars for comfort, lights for visibility and paint to cover up scratches”

“Lowered seats and heated grips to make life easier”

“Seat for comfort, brakes and tow bar to tow a trailer”

“Custom paint job to make it stand out in the crowd”

“Intercom for passenger communication”

Not a real shock, but 53% of people had their bike serviced every 12 months. This was followed by 28% of people opting for a service every 6 months and interestingly 4% had a service once a month. Just goes to show there are some very cautious riders out there!

It was good to see that nearly everyone who owns a bike said they didn't have any problems, for example needing new parts, with a solid 86% falling into this category. Some people said that they had problems with their electrics and that batteries didn't last that long, as well as changing of tyres due to potholes in the road!

Lastly, we asked all of our clients who their favourite bike manufacturer was. Although it seemed many had owned Yamaha’s in the past, the outright favourite was Honda with 29%, followed by a close second place between Triumph, Suzuki and Yamaha at 16%, 14% and 11% respectively.

Our answers just go to show that people use, treat and ride their bikes in a multitude of ways. With the season just around the corner we keep our fingers crossed we have a blinding summer and you all make the most out of your two wheeled machines whatever you use them for! Stay safe and happy riding!        

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By Mark Bakharia