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How to Save Money on your Petrol

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Petrol prices are on the increase day by day.  With the average price of petrol lingering around the £1.34 a litre mark, we will try to show you how to get the extra mile out of your tank (all prices are based on the average family car with a 40 litre tank).

Step 1 – Slow Down!

For most cars, the most fuel-efficient cruising speed is 55mph. If you drive at 55mph instead of 70mph on the motorway, you could save 6.3p a litre (£2.52 a tank).

Step 2 – Drive more efficiently

It is also estimated that you can save 30 per cent by avoiding sharp braking and accelerating, as well as using your gears efficiently. Don't labour the engine by letting your revs go too high.

If you have a rev counter, change up a gear at 2,000 revs for diesel and 2,500 for petrol cars. That could save you up to £13.20 a tank.

Driving more efficient isn’t just good for your petrol consumption; it’s good for the environment too.

Step 3 – Put your car on a diet

Clear-out of all those things in the car that you hardly ever use. The average vehicle carries up to an amazing 9st of unnecessary weight, such as pots of paint, tools, kids' toys, magazines and blankets. Get rid of the rubbish and you could save £4.40 a tank.

Step 4 – Keeping the Pressure On

Keep tyres pumped up to correct pressures. Under-inflated tyres add an average 10.5p a litre (£4.20 a tank) to your petrol bill.  Be careful not to over-inflate your tyres though, over-inflated tyres are just as bad as under-inflated.

Step 5 – Don’t be Idle

Turning your engine off and on while stationary is less efficient than keeping it ticking over. However, it is better to turn off and start again rather than to sit idle for more than two minutes.

Sometimes it’s a judgment call - the compulsive idler could lose up to 3p a litre, or £1.20 a tank.

NEVER idle when rolling down a hill, not only is it dangerous it’s illegal.

Step 6 - See the light

A car's electrics cost a surprising amount to run. Driving round in the day with lights on is a waste of money.  Driving at night with fog lights on when not needed is not only wasting your money, it is also illegal.  A rear windscreen heater could add 3.6p to the price of a litre; that adds up to £1.44 for a tank of fuel.

Make sure other items, such as the radio, are turned off - not just down - when not in use.

Look after the pennies….

Most of these steps require little to no effort on our parts and could save a massive £26.96 when filling up with petrol.  Finally always shop around for your petrol, motorway service stations on average are 5p a litre more than supermarket pumps.

Give it a try today and see if you can save more.