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How to avoid getting your car broken in to

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Car theft is a big problem that all car owners face, and what’s worse, your insurance will normally be affected as there is no traceable third party to claim from.  Taking steps to prevent theft from your car can protect your belongings, your no claims bonus, and give you peace of mind.

Step 1 – Choosing a parking space

There are many types of places to park, from parking on the street, to a multi-storey car park, or even an underground car park (a favourite for opportunistic car thieves).  The ideal parking spot for your car to minimise the risk of someone breaking into your car is a public place where preferably there is a lot of foot traffic.  It makes more sense for it to be in a good area as well, even if this means you would have to pay parking charges.  The more effort and risk a thief has to go to, the less likely they will break into your car.

Step 2 – Have a car alarm installed

Although this seems a little obvious, having a car alarm will serve as the biggest deterrent in stopping someone trying to break into your car. 

Step 3 – Remove all valuables

Although this seems obvious it’s astounding how much people leave on show in their cars.  If a criminal can see there is no profit, the likelihood they will chance it is low.  This doesn’t mean put everything in the boot though as they are easy enough to break into.

Step 4 – Show that there is nothing in the vehicle

If you leave compartments like the glove box open, and it’s empty, criminals will naturally assume there are no valuables in the car.

Step 5 – If the worst should happen

If you should happen to be the victim of a crime, report it to the police as soon as possible.  Take pictures for evidence, and report as accurately as possible everything, including how the car was broken into, if there are pry marks on the door etc.  If you are parked in a car park, call the company that owns it and report the crime also.  They may have CCTV available.


By Ben Malkin

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