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How to prepare your home for winter | Autonet Insurance

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Winter is around the corner and temperatures are beginning to dip so it is a good idea to prepare your home for the winter months. Every winter, homes are faced with problems such as burst water pipes which can lead to expensive bills.

Ensuring a few simple checks are made by you could be a big difference to how your house copes with the cold as well as saving money on unwanted bills.

We have put together a few pointers on how to prepare your home for the cold months ahead.

Exterior checks

  • Inspect the exterior of your house looking for cracks and gaps around pipes which can lead to water getting in them. The water would then freeze and expand ultimately causing your walls to crack.
  • Check you’re guttering is clear can help if the areas that you live in experiences heavy rain fall.
  • Check for missing tiles on your roof.
  • Cracks on your driveway should be filled. If water gets into them and freezes this can make the concrete lift up causing damage to your driveway.
  • Purchasing salt and sand can also be good for your driveway to help prevent ice.

Interior Checks

  • Boilers are used more during the winter so it is always useful to get it serviced by a registered gas safe engineer.
  • Bleeding radiators can also help to make them work more efficiently.
  • Make sure you know where your water stop valve is, so you can switch it off quickly should you ever need to. This can normally be found under your sink or stairs.
  • Wiping any condensation from your windows can prevent any damp getting into your home.
  • Making sure your windows and doors are sealed is also a good thing to look out for as it prevents any drafts entering into your home.
  • Loft installation is also ideal, as good loft installation keeps heat in.
  • Having the right home insurance is also useful if you come across any unfortunate problems such as burst water pipes.

The above simple steps are an efficient way to ensure your house is free of problems that may come about during winter. They may not solve all of your problems but they could help.


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By Amanda Bainbridge