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How to decorate your Christmas tree

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Christmas is only a few weeks away so by now you should be thinking of putting up and decorating your Christmas tree.

It is always a daunting task trying to get the tinsel in the right place or making sure the lights are spaced out. So to ease the pressure of getting your tree looking festive we have put together a few pointers and ideas that may make decorating your tree a pleasant and easy task.


  • Decide if you want an artificial tree or a real one - Real trees are more eco-friendly.
  • Check your lights are working before you start placing them on your tree - it will save you valuable time.
  • Pick what your colour scheme will be, what type of tinsel you want to use and what kind of decorations will look best - team together your colours. The most popular theme is green and red.


  • If you have a real tree make sure you buy a pot that is a good size to fit your tree base in, fill it with soil and occasionally water it. Remember to put something underneath the pot - you don’t want soil ruining your carpet.
  • The first thing to do is position your tree, space out the branches so they look even and full then leave it for a day or so to help it settle.
  • Tree lights are the main point of the tree; lights normally come on a variety of coloured wire strands so get the one that matches your tree best. Start at the top of your tree working your way down to the base, wrapping the lights around every branch – Remember safety first, make sure your light sockets are in good working order and that you don’t over crowd them and remember to turn off your Christmas lights when leaving your home or before going to bed as you don’t want to claim on your home insurance this festive season.
  • Now you can now add your tinsel, beading or garland. Again make sure it is done evenly and spacious and try to hide any part of the trunk (if visible)  
  • The next step is to add your ornaments or tree decorations; it is better if you choose colours that complement each other such as silver, gold and red. Space them out evenly and make sure you cover all branches on your tree.
  • The final touch is to add your tree topper to finalise that festive feel.

Now look at your tree from a distance, is everything looking neat? Is everything equally spaced out? If yes then your work here is done.


  • To give your tree that extra festive touch you could wrap fake presents to put under your tree to make it look full - just until the real presents arrive that is!
  • You could put a decorative cover over the base of your tree - this will cover the stand of your tree and add something to your Christmas setting.

So there you go, that is our guide on how to decorate your Christmas tree, hopefully there are some helpful hints and tips although you can never rule out the kids/cats & dogs who usually come along and ruin your good work by Boxing Day!!  

Season Greetings!

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By Amanda Bainbridge