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How to fix a leaky tap

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A leaky tap can be a problem for most people and leaving it for a considerable amount of time before fixing it could result in water being wasted and a higher bill for you. Repairing a leaky tap can be simple if you know how. Follow our useful guide of hints and tips and you should stay drip free!

What you will need

  • Cloth
  • Spanner
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Washers

Water Supply

  • Turn off the water supply - this can usually be found under the kitchen sink.
  • You may find an insulation valve on the pipe below the tap that is leaking; this will need to be turned clockwise with a screwdriver.
  • Turn on a tap to test you have successfully turned your water off.  

Tap Casing

  • Remove the handle cover from the tap.
  • Unscrew the tap nut to remove the top body from the fitting, if needed cover the nut with a cloth to protect it against scratches.

Tip: - While you unscrew the nut get someone to hold the tap to help prevent the tap from turning around – this can cause damage to the pipe work or worse crack the sink!


  • Remove the old washer, this can usually be removed with pliers or you may need to remove the small nut or screw to help this.
  • Have a look at the washer, you will be able to see any visible cracks or damage to the washer causing the leak.
  • Now you need to fit the new washer, it may be a tight fit to get the washer over the pin, if so use the pliers or spanner to push it down.

Replacing the tap

  • You can now fit the body of the tap back to the fitting, taking care of holding the tap when tightening the nut.

Running Water

  • Turn your water supply back on and now check your tap is leak free!

Hopefully you have found our guide useful and this will help you to fix a tap leak saving you money and help to save water for the environment!

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By Amanda Bainbridge