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Are Your Valentines Valuables Protected?

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It’s already that time of year again and the traditional event of Valentine’s Day was celebrated this week.  Here at Autonet we have been looking at Valentines Valuables and what our customers do protect them.

As well as Valentine’s Day, as it is a leap year, February is a special month because the 29th will allow women to propose to their partners.


Started in the 13th century the English law stated that women could propose to a man once every 4 years, but did you know? If the man refused he would have to pay a fine which could range from a kiss to a pair of silk gloves.

Time and traditions may have moved on but don’t let that romance die as even in the economic climate we live in today, there is love all around and our figures prove it! 

Protect your investment

From 2010 and 2011 we have analysed our household insurance and found that there has been a 306% increase in diamond rings added to insurance policies during February and March.

Many people may not think about household insurance when purchasing a ring for a loved one, but when the average spend on a single diamond ring jumps from £3700 in 2010 to £6000 in 2011, it is worth that phone call to adjust your policy and make sure you have everything insured up to its correct value. 

The great thing about insuring your precious Valentines gift is that single items with extra value can be added at any time during a policy so if you are making the leap this year, insuring your valuables can give you peace of mind.

For men and women alike, make your February fun and full of love.