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Budget 2012/2013 Fuel costs increase again

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As you may have already heard yesterday the Government announced the budget for 2012/2013. Each time the budget is reviewed fuel prices seem to increase producing extra costs that motorists have to take into account when budgeting.

We have taken a look into the recent petrol price increases over the past four years from April 2009 until April 2012. As you can imagine there has been a significant increase each year for motorists around the UK.

Here is a quick overview of how much petrol prices have increased over the last four years.



April 2009 – 95p a litre

April 2009 – 102.7p a litre

April 2010 – 120.5p a litre

April 2010 – 121.6p a litre

April 2011 – 126p a litre

April 2011 – 140p a litre

2012 – 135p a litre

2012 – 142.88p a litre


Due to the results it is worth considering ideas to try to reduce the costs of running your vehicle.

What can you do to save fuel?

  • Try not to carry any excess luggage or heavy items in your vehicle this can cause your vehicle to weigh more which then uses more petrol.
  • Be sure to check your tyres are at the right pressure, if they are not this again can cause you to use more petrol than you would if they were properly inflated. Check your handbook to see what pressure they should be.
  • If possible close your windows whilst you drive as air gets into the vehicle which causes a significant drag which means the car has to work harder which uses more fuel.
  • Minimise the amount of revs you do on your accelerator.

If you take on board a few of our tips it will help your fuel to last that little bit longer. Let’s hope in the next budget fuel prices stay where they are or even decreases!