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How to save fuel in seven simple steps!

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You probably have already heard the news about the possible tanker strike that could happen over the next few weeks leaving motorists with no fuel. Even without the strike being given the go ahead many petrol stations have been emptied because of panic buying.

The strike could leave motorists without fuel causing disruption to their daily routine which is why we have put together a few ways you can save on your fuel to make it stretch a little bit further.

  • Any excess luggage or heavy items in your vehicle can cause your vehicle to weigh more which causes drag and uses more fuel. So take out any items you don’t need.
  • Check your tyres are at the right pressure, if they are not this can cause your vehicle to use more fuel than usual. Check your handbook to see what pressure they should be.
  • If possible close the windows whilst you drive as the excess air allowed into the vehicle can cause significant drag which means the vehicle has to work harder and in turn uses more fuel.
  • Minimising the amount of revs you do on your accelerator will be a big way to preserve your fuel.
  • Roof racks and bike carriers can affect your vehicles fuel efficiency. If you’re not using them be sure to remove them.
  • Change to the highest gear as soon as it is safe to do so and stick to the speed limits, speed efficiency will help to decrease your fuel consumption.
  • Try not to use your air conditioning too much. Turning your air conditioning on during the warmer days will use up your fuel dramatically.

By implementing just a few small changes, you will save money and our tips can help you to save fuel even if there isn’t a strike!

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By Amanda Bainbridge