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North Staffordshire Olympics

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The North Staffordshire Olympics will be taking place this weekend which is an event that allows people with disabilities to take part from the West Midlands and North Staffordshire areas.  Members of the Press Team and Charity Committee are going along to present medals to the winners of the events.

The Special Olympics was established in 1978 as part of the Special Olympics INC. Special Olympics BG is a charity that holds 135 clubs in England, Scotland and Wales. The charity provides training for individuals who are interested in a certain type of sport and believe that sport can change people’s lives. 8,000 children and adults already attend but by the end of 2013 the aim is to have 12,000 new athletes and 4000 volunteers.

It’s a great day which is always popular hence it’s long standing commitment to helping children and adults develop their skills. It also works in well with the 2012 Olympics officially starting in July. Local radio stations will be there along with the mayor and television networks.

A range of sporting events from football to track will take place throughout the day with 200 athletes taking part with a chance of winning a medal.

Here at Autonet we donate to many charities and have donated £500 towards the North Staffs Special Olympics to enable the athletes to go to next year’s Special Olympics National Summer Games in Bath.

It really is a great cause so if you fancy coming along to the North Staffs Olympics then why not join us? The event will take place at Northwood Stadium and start around 10am and finish around 5pm. If you’re not from Stoke click here to find an event taking place near you.

We hope to see you there! If not look out for our blog next week to see how we got on.

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By Amanda Bainbridge