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How to be a prepared newly qualified driver

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When you first pass your driving test the first thing you want to do is drive around in your very own vehicle with no instructor or examiner. However there a few things that can be forgotten with the excitement of passing a test which is why we have put together a guide on how to be a prepared newly qualified driver.


It is a good idea to purchase a green ‘p’ plate to put on your vehicle; these can be purchased from most places such as supermarkets or vehicle shops. It allows other motorists to be aware you are a newly qualified driver and allows them to be cautious.


  • Keep your vehicle maintained even if it is new, keeping it in tip top condition will ensure you are not caught out. Car troubles can happen anytime anywhere!
  • Check that the vehicles tyre pressure is correct, that the lights are in working order and don’t forget to fill up your petrol tank!
  • Set your mirrors at the right level which is comfortable for you and it allows you to see other motorists easily.
  • Before you hit the road be sure you have your insurance all sorted!


  • Try not to change a CD or radio whilst driving; a short glance away from the road is a distraction.
  • Don’t use your mobile phone when you are driving! If you need to use it be sure to pull in somewhere safe so you can.
  • Be aware of other drivers if they are indicating, don’t assume they will be turning into where you think they are, they may have left their indicator on accidentally. Give them time to go where they want to before you pull out of your street.
  • Keep to the speed limit; you don’t want to receive any points for a speeding offence in the first two years of driving. It will not only increase your insurance premium but you could also be banned if you receive more than 6 points.

Hopefully our guide will prepare you if you are a newly qualified driver or if you are about to take your test. It’s important to remember not to panic whilst on the roads; by passing your test you have proved you are road worthy!

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By Amanda Bainbridge