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Wedding vehicles – which one would you choose?

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The wedding season is almost upon us with many brides and grooms searching for their all important wedding vehicle.  These days anything from a classic wedding car to a one of a kind form of transport is chosen.

Here at Autonet we decided to see what type of transport is chosen for the big day!

TUK TUK – It may seem like a wacky choice but many people choose the TUK TUK as they are cheap to hire and easy to get around in even if it lacks space!

1930’s Asquith Taxi – This retro vehicle is chosen by many. It captures an era of elegance and class.

Herbie VW Beetle – Best known for being the star of a film. The Herbie Beetle is in high demand as a wedding vehicle with a twist. It can be hired at a cheap rate and will bring years of nostalgia to the day.

Classic Double Decker Red Bus – Historically known for its heritage of London the classic Double Decker Bus is chosen as it can fit all wedding guests on it if needs be as well as making it a light hearted choice.

Limousine - The limousine otherwise known as ‘the limo’ is a popular choice with its design changing slightly over the years. Some limousines even come with a bar and luxurious seats. The limousine stands as a firm favourite.

Horse and Carriage – A horse and carriage has been favoured by many celebrities over the years. However many people are also choosing the horse and carriage as their transport offering style and grace costing around the same as a car it will remain as a popular transport for weddings in years to come.

Sports Convertible – The classic sports convertible is a chosen wedding vehicle for people who want a fast and sleek transport to and from their wedding.

Campervan – Mostly used during the era of the VW camper it still features as a wedding vehicle today. Generally the campervan belongs to the bride and groom who choose to involve their beloved van in their big day.

Classic vintage car – Whether it’s a vintage Rolls Royce or a 1963 Bentley a classic car is the most popular choice for a wedding vehicle. All vintage cars are spacious and are ideal for that perfect photograph.

That was our list of wedding vehicles; some you will probably agree are a little different to the usual wedding vehicle, the question is which one would you choose?