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How to ensure your home is secure

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It is important that you make sure your home is secure; there are a number of alarms and CCTV cameras that can be used to protect your home and a few less costly options too. Check out our guide below and choose the option that is best for you.


Before you purchase your alarm system be sure to research into the different types that are available and what are suitable for your home.

Wire and wireless alarms

Wired systems can be difficult to install compared to wireless alarms. Both alarms use the same number of detectors and can sense movement which triggers the alarm. You will also need to make sure you have properly fitted your detectors; these are normally placed in entry points such as a back or front door.

Alarm box

If you do decide to have an alarm fitted it is important to fit your alarm box to the front of your house, this enables passers-by to see that you have protected your home.

CCTV camera

CCTV cameras can be running for 24 hours to help you keep a check on what is happening. These cameras are easy to fit and can be purchased for under £100.

Ensure your cameras are in the best position; usually cameras are fitted at the front and rear of the property.

Look out for a good quality fake camera which could also deter an intruder.

Security lighting

Many properties already have this type of security but if you don’t it might be worth your while looking into fitting these. There are two types of security lighting available dusk-to-dawn lighting and PIR lighting.

Differences between the two are that PIR lighting is triggered by body heat and have the ability to switch on and off whereas dusk-till-dawn lighting does exactly what it says; they come on when it gets dark and switch off when it starts to get light.

Think about the times of day you are in your property and also the electricity costs when choosing your lighting.


Having secured locks on your property will also help to protect your home against intruders. The strongest locks are ones that comply to British Standard and are recommended by crime organisations. Make sure your front and back door has a fully working lock. For extra security, bolts can also be fitted to the doorframe. 

Small things make a big difference

  • Make sure all windows are closed and locked before you go out
  • If you leave your house unattended at night, leave a light on to deter burglars
  • Make sure your sheds/outbuildings have sufficient locks
  • Ask a family member to check on your property regularly if you go on holiday


Always declare your security as all of the above could lower the overall cost of your home and contents insurance to save you money.  Always check the details of your cover and make sure you alert us of any changes to your security!

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By Amanda Bainbridge