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How to harvest rainfall | Autonet Insurance

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Water bills can sometimes be a little more expensive than you estimate them to be. We have produced guides on how you can save water making small changes to everyday tasks. This time we are showing you how to harvest your rainfall (we’ve had a lot lately) to save even more on your bills.

Harvesting your rainfall is easy to do, just fellow the simple steps below. We have also given you some ideas on what to use your collected water for.

Step 1

  • Work out where you will be collecting the rain from, it could be from the drain or at the end of your garage.
  • Be sure to clear away any debris that is in the guttering; also check for leaks and dips as these can all prevent the rainfall from being collected.

Step 2

  • Purchase or make your own diverter, this does exactly what it says, it will divert the water into your water butt or tank.
  • Make sure you purchase a leaf guard; this will stop any leaves getting stuck in your guttering causing no rain to be collected.

Step 3

  • Once the diverter has been set up you now need to store the rain.
  • A water butt or tank can be purchased from any garden centre or if you prefer you could make your very own using recycled storage containers.

Step 4

  • Now all is left to do is let the rain fall and let your new rainfall system collect it to save you water!

Use your collected water to...

  • Water your plants
  • Water your garden

We hope that our guide on how to harvest rainfall has been useful for you and has given you a few ideas on how you can save yourself water by using a simple resource.

Happy saving!