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How to keep your van insurance premiums down | Autonet Insurance

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Insurance premiums are always up and down and can sometimes cost more than you want to pay. There are a few things you can do to ensure you have the correct van insurance and keep the cost down by checking out our latest guide.

Step 1 – Shop around

When your renewal quote comes through it’s a good idea to have a look at other premiums that are available to you. Try using a comparison site which will show you how much you are saving and what you will get included in your premium.

Step 2 – Choose the correct van

It is easy to go for the biggest van on the market but it might be too big for your needs which will cost you more in fuel and a high insurance premium. Choosing an older van could lower your premium, but always look at the running costs of older vehicles.

Step 3 – Security

Security is a major factor when taking out insurance. You need to ensure your van is kept in a secure place overnight. Keeping your van in a garage may make a difference on your premium compared to if you left it out in the open. If you also have extra security devices fitted to your van such as an alarm this will help to, as your van has a lower risk of being stolen or damaged.

Step 4 - Excess

Excess is something that is taken into account for your premium as well. If you choose to pay a higher excess it could lower your premium but will result in you paying out more if you have an accident.

Step 5 – Points  

Points on your licence can make your premium higher as you seem more of a risk to the insurance company. Try to avoid clocking up points as it may add 20% on to the cost of your premium.

That was it! Our guide to keeping your van insurance premium down by taking into consideration the steps we have listed. Keep these points in mind when it comes to choosing the correct van insurance premium for you.

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By Amanda Bainbridge