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What Won't Affect Van Insurance? | Autonet Insurance

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There are all sorts of factors that are taken into account when you apply for a van insurance policy: the year of make, mileage and claim history, for example. There are many more factors that simply won't affect insurance premiums. It's important to explode some of these myths because they can put people off considering certain policies.

It might be a little hard to believe, but some people think that the colour of the vehicle will affect insurance premiums. This simply isn't the case. It doesn't matter if you're a white van man or a red van man. There are, of course, all sorts of other factors pertaining to your vehicle that will affect the policy, from engine size, model, year of make etc.

It's not the case that the contents of a vehicle are necessarily automatically covered by an insurance policy. However, there are policies that are tailored to those customers who need to leave important tools in the vehicle at times. If you work in a trade, then you can get tool insurance, which is designed to cover tools, in case of loss, theft and accidental damage.

If you lose your licence or amass a large number of penalty points then this is likely to affect the cost of your insurance, for obvious reasons. However, if you get a parking ticket this won't affect your policy premium. However, if parking fines remain unpaid for a certain period of time you can stand the risk of losing your licence, which in turn will definitely affect your premium in the future when you're able to drive again.