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Autonet talk to British and European trials champion Danny Butler about the Tour of Britain 2012

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Here at Autonet we recently caught up with British and European trials champion Danny Butler about the Tour of Britain 2012. Here is what he had to say...

1) Will you be watching the Tour of Britain this year?

Yes I will be trying my best to keep up with all the stages as the guys are a real inspiration and not only show great fitness but also true grit.

2) Is it your first time watching it?

No I have been fortunate to be able to have seen the Tour for the last five years or so and also did the end of stage shows for a few years.

3) Do you have any favourite riders?

 I like the guys on Team Sky especially the great Bradley Wiggins a real bloke and not afraid to voice his opinion.

4) Will you be going to the Stage 5 Staffordshire Route?

Yes I think I will be at the rail this year cheering the guys on.

5) Other than Tour of Britain do you watch any other cycle events?

Well, being in the industry that I am in with the shows I am always at many of the events. I also try and keep up with the awesome own hill World Cups as my Fox Clothing Team Mate Danny Hart is a great friend also so I have got to support a fellow team rider.

6) Who do you think has a good chance of winning the Tour of Britain?

For me it is one guy it is all about, Bradley Wiggins like I said earlier really respect the guy!

7) As a rider yourself what preparations will the cyclists taking part be doing weeks before the race?

I think as a competitor at the British and World Championships all an athlete can do is stay injury free and train as hard as you can and just take care of yourself.

8) Out of all the stages on Tour of Britain which one do you think will be the most physically demanding? 

For me I think the stages are not the problem the main problems that I would focus on as rider would be the points races such as “King of the Mountain” and the sprints because there are the competitions inside of the stages that also give great accolade for a rider.

9) What have you been up to in regards to your biking events?

For me this season of show has been crazy, I have done over a hundred events and that is more than two a week for every week of the year. It is a great amount of promotion for not only myself but also the awesome support that I have from my teams sponsors that I owe everything to and no rider is complete without great support from sponsors and Family.

10) Do you feel sports that include different uses of bikes such as your sport and Tour of Britain are becoming more popular?

For sure everyday new people follow me on the social media side and more and more people are getting out there on their bikes. It is a great way to stay fit and it is clean exercise and always a great social thing for anyone to enjoy. I think as a country we are embracing cycling and the different styles of cycling more everyday and it speaks for itself when we have such great results in all the forms.