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Could Your Eyesight Affect Your Van Insurance? | Autonet Insurance

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Van drivers were recently advised of the importance of regular eye tests, after a survey from one commercial insurance broker found that nearly a fifth of van drivers who responded claimed they had not had their vision tested within the last three years.

Potentially, anyone working behind the wheel of a van whose sight does not meet minimum legal requirements puts other road users at risk, as well as themselves.

While half of the respondents whose eyes had not been examined said they did not have the time to visit an optician, another quarter believed a vision test was not necessary.

But, as a manager from the company which commissioned the poll pointed out: if your eyesight is not at the required legal standard, you are potentially endangering other lives on the road, as well as your own. It’s especially important given the amount of time van drivers spend on the road.

Equally, failure to go for regular eye checks could lead to preventable insurance claims, and it could become harder to get a reasonable van insurance quote next time you need to renew your policy.

Anyone found to be in charge of a vehicle with inadequate vision could face a conviction and have points put on their licence, also making it hard to find cheap insurance.

Legally adequate vision means being able to read a new-style number plate from a distance of at least 20 metres.

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