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introducing the new innovation in driver technology... The RSA Smart Fleet App

This new app is available exclusively to Autonet's RSA Mini Fleet policyholders which in short is vehicle tracking – monitoring the location, movements, status and behaviour of your fleet of vehicles.

Your business could be at risk every time you or your employees are out on the road. An incident could end up costing your reputation as well as your income which is one of the reasons we are offering you the RSA smart fleet app.

In addition – if you sign up to the new RSA Smart Fleet App you could save an additional 5% on your mini fleet insurance policy! All you need to do is register and ensure that 75% of your fleet are using the app in their day to day travels!

what is it?

  • An OPTIONAL extension to the standard SME Mini Fleet insurance product.
  • A simple and straightforward, telematics solution that can be used to actively manage small fleets of (up to 15) vehicles.
  • Uses commonly available smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity technology.
  • To capture and provide visibility of vehicle usage, location, historical journeys and driving behaviour information via a web-based portal.
  • The information can be used by fleet managers; it can help to reduce fleet operating costs and promote safer and more efficient driving, saving your business time and money.

free consultancy service

We are also offering a free app management consultancy service with no additional charge!

Your appointed consultant will come to a location of your choice to help you get the app set up including pairing your fleet vehicles, running through a demo with your drivers and showing you how to utilise the reporting suite available.

here’s what it can do for you...

Help to reduce your costs: Insurance, fuel, wear & tear – e.g. tyres, vehicle maintenance – repairs and servicing, business interruption.

Help to protect your business: Helps you keep your vehicles operational for a larger percentage of the time, validate driver behaviour, and can track non-business related activities that you don't know about.

Help to protect your drivers: Should you or one of your drivers face the unfortunate matter of an insurance claim following a vehicle accident, RSA Smart Fleet may help absolve you of blame. Should there be no witnesses and you are faced with a word of mouth dispute, the location and speed tracking features may provide you with the proof you need whether that be to pin point where and when a driver was at the time of the accident or what speed they were driving, you have the information needed to contest or agree liability with much greater accuracy.
This easy to use app will provide you with that all important peace of mind so desperately needed in business and could prevent you and your business facing increased insurance costs as a result of a fraudulent claim!

Help to improve efficiency: Helps you run your business through better visibility of actionable fleet management information. The data provided tells you what is REALLY happening helping to support;

  • More effective job planning.
  • Route planning.
  • Journey length.
  • Job start and finish times.
  • Fuel consumption.
  • Validates expense claims.

Helps you to manage your customer's expectations: Delivery times/service call slots; travel delays/estimated times of arrival; evidence to prove when deliveries were made.

Helps you to be more 'green': More efficient journey planning to reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impact.

If you are an existing Autonet RSA SME Mini Fleet policyholder or would like more information then please give our commercial experts a call on 03303 438 538 or email and we will get you started.