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Frequently Asked Questions about Home Insurance

  1. what are material facts?

    These are the answers that you provide to the insurer's questions and are what the insurer would regard as likely to influence the acceptance and assessment of this application. If you are in any doubt about whether facts are to be considered material, you should disclose them. We can give you further information on 0330 343 8858 if you require it.

  2. what type of home insurance is available to me?

    We can offer buildings, contents, personal possessions and household legal protection for our home insurance policies. Also there is the option to include extended accidental damage cover to buildings and the contents section.

  3. what is the difference between buildings and contents insurance?

    Buildings insurance covers the fabric of your home, its domestic outbuildings and other things that are fitted to the structure, such as fitted kitchens, the bathroom suite and fitted wardrobes. Contents insurance covers your possessions such as furniture, furnishings and personal belongings whilst inside your home. Generally speaking, these are items that you would normally take with you if you moved home.

  4. what will I be covered for?

    Our standard policies will cover you for fire, smoke, explosion, lightning, earthquake, storm, flood, theft or attempted theft, escape of water, malicious persons or vandals and subsidence. The policies we recommend will include much more than stated above, but this gives you a good indication of the areas that may be of most concern. Please feel free to contact our home agents if you wish to enquire about other areas of cover.

  5. does the contents cover include accidental damage?

    Automatically included free of charge is accidental damage to audio, visual equipment, computers, mirrors and fixed glass in furniture. You can include the full accidental damage cover to all other contents subject to an additional premium.

  6. does the buildings cover include accidental damage?

    Automatically included free of charge is accidental damage to fixed glass in windows and sanitary ware. You can include the full accidental damage to all other parts of the buildings subject to an additional premium.

  7. how much should I insure my buildings and contents for?

    Your buildings sum insured should represent the cost of rebuilding your home and any outbuildings. The rebuilding cost needs to take in to account today's prices of building materials, surveyors and solicitors fees. Please note the market value of your home is not a suitable guide, if in any doubt refer to your surveyor. Your contents sum insured should be enough to replace, as new, all contents (household goods, personal effects, valuables and money) if they were totally destroyed.

  8. will I be covered for frozen food?

    Loss of or damage to food contained in the cold chamber of any refrigerator or deep freeze cabinet will be covered if made unfit for human consumption by a change in the temperature or contamination by refrigerant or refrigerant fumes. Policy limits/restrictions vary depending on the individual insurance company.

  9. can I include household legal cover?

    Yes. Cover and cost can vary, depending on the individual insurance company, and we would request you ask our home agents for premium details, cover, terms and conditions.

  10. can I include emergency home assistance cover?

    Yes. We do have insurance companies who will offer this cover at an additional cost. We would request you ask our home agents for premium details, cover, terms and conditions.

  11. will my contents in outbuildings; such as garage and shed be covered?

    Yes. Your personal contents that are kept within secured domestic outbuildings will be covered, subject to limits, depending on the individual insurance company. Please ask our home agents for cover, terms and conditions.

  12. will my buildings cover my outbuildings such as the garage and shed?

    Yes. All domestic garages, outbuildings, sheds, extensions fall under the definition of buildings and are covered under that section. You must ensure the total sum insured for the rebuilding costs of your property includes all domestic outbuildings.

  13. do you cover bicycles?

    Yes. Bicycles are covered if stolen from your home (including domestic outbuildings) under the standard contents cover. If you would like to cover your bicycle away from the home, you can extend the level of cover that you have subject to an additional premium. Just ask our home agents for further details.

  14. is my laptop covered?

    Laptops used for personal use will be covered within the home under the standard contents cover. If your laptop is used for business use we have insurance companies who will extend the cover within the home. You may also extend cover away from the home under the personal possessions section. We would request you ask our home agents for cover, terms and conditions.

  15. can I insure my home if it is used for business?

    Most insurance companies we recommend will cover home office equipment (limits apply) provided your home is used for clerical work only. However, if you work from home on a permanent basis and receive visits from clients we do have specialist insurance companies who will cater for this also – Please call us to discuss your requirements.

  16. how do I make a claim?

    If you need to make a claim please refer to your policy booklet for the insurance company direct claims telephone number. This is the quickest way to proceed, alternatively you may contact 0800 9 537 537.

  17. will my claim be settled on a new for old basis?

    Yes, although there is usually a deduction for wear and tear for clothing, linen, pedal cycles, audio and visual equipment over a certain age. Your policy booklet will confirm any restrictions or please feel free to ask our home agents for full details of any restrictions.

  18. do you give a no claims discount?

    Yes, up to 30%. We want to reward you for being claim free, we can give you up to 30% no claim discount depending on the number of years you have been claim free.

  19. do I get a discount for security fitted to my property?

    Discounts are available for certain types of locks and burglar alarm systems that you have fitted to your property. A discount is available if you have 5 lever mortice deadlocks (British standard 3621) fitted to all external doors and key operated locks fitted to all accessible windows. A discount is available if your burglar alarm is fitted, and annually maintained, by an approved NACOSS (National Advisory Council of Security Systems) installer.

  20. do you give a discount if I am in a neighbourhood watch scheme?

    Yes, discounts are available if you are an active member of a police approved neighbourhood watch scheme.

  21. what is an excess?

    This is the first part of each and every claim which you (not your insurer) must pay. There are two types of excess:

    Compulsory excess – This is an excess that has been applied as a requirement by your insurer and will vary according to your personal circumstances and the terms of cover provided. A compulsory excess may be required if you drive a particular vehicle or you have inexperienced drivers on your policy. There is also a compulsory excess for fire, theft or windscreen claims.

    Voluntary excess – This will apply where you agree with your insurer to pay a greater part of each claim, in addition to your compulsory excess. A voluntary excess can be increased or decreased at your request during your on-line quotation and it may affect your premium.

  22. can I insure my property if it is let to tenants?

    Yes. We have specialist insurance companies designed for properties that are let to tenants. Not all of the leading insurance providers will offer this cover.

  23. do I need to specify any of my valuables such as furniture and stereo equipment?

    No. You only need to specify items that are defined as 'Valuables'. These can include jewellery, furs, watches, articles of gold, silver or other precious metals, works of art, paintings, camera's (which includes video and camcorders), binoculars and collections of stamps, coins or medals which belong to you or any member of your family. Limits apply depending on the individual insurance companies, but normally you do not need to specify any single item unless valued over £1,000. Limits apply for the total valuables and we would request you ask our home agents for full cover, terms and conditions.