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10 Team GB Facts

Team GB Infographic

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10 Team GB Facts

The London 2012 Olympics have inspired a nation and we thought that a fact filled infographic would be an exciting and interesting read.

The team delegation includes Three Athletes who will be competing at their Sixth Olympic Games this Summer.
  • Alison Williamson (Archery)
  • Mary King (Equestrian - Eventing)
  • Nick Skelton (Equestrian - Jumping)
  • They are among only Six Athletes ever to achieve this feat, alongside
  • Javlin thrower Tessa Sanderson (1976 - 1996)
  • Fencer Bill Haskyns (1956 - 1976)
  • Biathelete Mike Dixon (Winter Olympics 1984 - 2002)
  • The most Northern Athlete to take part in the Olympics from Team GB is Triathelete Helen Jenkings who is from Elgin in the Scottish Highlands, North of Inverness.
  • The most Southern Athelete to take part in the Olympics from Team GB is Carl Hester, part of Team GBs Equestrian Dressage group. He hails from Sark in the Channel Islands, so was born closer to the West Coast of France than London.
  • The Oldest Athlete to compete for Team GB this Summer will be 56 year old Dressage rider Richard Davidson - WOW!
  • Bradley Wiggins is Great Britain's most decorated Olympian with a total of Seven Medals: 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze.
  • The Lightest Athelete is Artistic Gymnast Rebecca Tunney who weighs just 35kg (5st 7lb)
  • The Loneliest Athelete is Olga Butkevych who is the only British Athelete selected for the Wrestling Freestyle event. Every other event has at least one other team member.
  • The Heaviest Athlete is Shot Putter Carl Mkyerscough who weighs 165kg (25st 14lb)
  • The Youngest Athelete is Rebecca Tunney who has been seclected to join Team GB at 15. She is also the Shortest member of the Team at 4ft 9 inches (1,47m)
  • The Tallest Athelete is Basketball player Dan Clark who is 6ft 11 inches (2.12m)