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James Bond Gadgets Infographic

James Bond and Gadgets Infographic

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James Bond Gadgets Infographic

007 The Gadgets

Below are some of the quirky gadgets Mr James Bond uses in his quest to defeat crime!

From Russia with Love - 1963

  • Tear gas cartridge disguised as as talcum powder - Set to discharge when Mr Bond's briefcase is opened incorrectly

Thunderball - 1965

  • Cassette recorder hidden in a book - James Bond uses this gadget to find out Quist is hiding in his hotel room

You Only Live Twice - 1967

  • Mini-rocket Cigarette - Capable of shooting a jet-powered projectile accurately up to 30 yards

Diamonds are Forever - 1971

  • Fake Fingerprint - Used by 007 to trick people that he is somebody else, in this case Peter Franks

Live and Let Die - 1973

  • The 'Felix Lighter' - Radio transmitter/receiver disguised as a car cigarette lighter installed in a CIA vehicle

Moonraker - 1979

  •  Wrist dart gun - Can fire both cyanide-coated and armour-piercing darts

Octopussy - 1983

  • The crocodile n- A miniature motorboat disguised as a crocodile

A View to a Kill - 1985

  • Credit Card - Used by Bond to open door locks with its electronic capability

Tomorrow Never Dies - 1997

  • Mobile Phone - Bond's hand held phone cunningly contains a 20,000 volt shock to any unauthorised user

The World is not Enough - 1999

  • Eye Glasses - Built in X-ray vision for checking people with concealed weapons

Casino Royale - 2006

  • Explosive Key Chain - At first glance nothing untoward here. However, this tiny accessory was used to destroy a commercial airliner