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How Much To Insure The Royal Wedding?

HOW MUCH TO INSURE THE ROYAL WEDDING? - Prince William & Catherine Middleton

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Prince William & Catherine Middleton

As far as weddings go, they are not the cheapest occasion and can cost a fortune for even the thriftiest of couples. The royal wedding, however, will have a viewing gallery of millions as cameras from all corners of the globe converge on Westminster Abbey, London, on April 29th. The Royal Family are not known for their austerity measures, so their need for insurance could save them from a disaster in front of the world's prying eyes.

Royal Wedding Insurance

Car/royal coach insurance - £25,000,000

Remember the attack on the car containing Prince Charles and his beautiful wife Camilla? It just so happens that William and Kate are using the same one - a Rolls Royce Phantom VI. It is already expensive to insure - more so without the no-claims bonus. They also leave in the 1902 State Landau that carried Charles and Diana after marriage in 1981, too - £25,000,000 is a good deal to cover both.

Terrorist attack insurance - £100,000,000

It is only natural that people want to target the royals at a time when the government is watching its back and keeping terror alerts high. Quintessential Britishness is represented by the royal family, making them a top target, though the police and CCTV - our national obsession - handily lowers this insurance cost.

Pet insurance for the Queen's six corgis - £30,000

Pembroke Welsh corgis are not particularly cheap. Owned by British royalty for 70-plus years, they'll be invited to the wedding; they're family, too. Still, the affectionate little blighters follow their owners around and the hustle and bustle of the ceremony may affect their safety, especially in an unplanned can-can.

Dress insurance - £5,000,000

Kate could do a runner and the dress may take light-to-heavy corgi damage. Jealous onlookers may bring scissors or ink to undermine her beauty. Naked flames, meanwhile, are not fabric's best friend. Whichever designer she goes with, it will be expensive; however, value will shoot up after the event. Naturally, it's up to Kate to extend her policy after the marriage.

Jewellery insurance - £15,000,000

All modern princes and princesses will have rings and wedding jewellery that is nothing short of priceless. There is therefore a necessity for protection against damage, theft and loss. Tiaras cost plenty to look after, but add the cost of any other jewellery for patrons like the Queen (who already has enough bling as it is) and £15,000,000 is a good deal.

Kidnap insurance - £100,000,000

Kidnapping may be a long shot, but if criminals know how to commandeer a horse-drawn carriage and outrun the police, it might just happen. Nobody wants William and Kate to spend their honeymoon tied up in a basement. £100,000,000 is a bargain when you consider how high the ransom would be and an insurance payout could avoid a finger being sent in the post.

Media liability insurance - £10,000,000

Always on the royals' "You're not invited to the party" list are journalists. These undercover agents have levels of deviousness that transcend the MI6 network. As such, insurance must cover upset that photographs and write-ups may present, as well as any damage inflicted along the way.

Holiday insurance for the honeymoon - £1,000,000

The post-wedding break shortlist includes Australia, New Zealand, Croatia and the Isles of Scilly. No-one knows where they're going, though; there's plenty of chance they will have problems with a volcano in Montserrat or a hurricane on a Pacific island. Lost luggage would also be a nightmarish principle for William and Kate, especially with militant eBay sellers on the prowl for new goods. Here, insurance is very necessary.

Wedding cancellation cover - £100,000,000

This whole wedding escapade may not even happen. Jealousy-based subterfuge could halt proceedings, as could the odd bomb threat or natural disaster. Kate could leg it. William may decide he prefers a bridesmaid. It is an insurance payment worth investing in, either way - imagine the money lost through unused fresh food, drink and flowers alone.

The Average Wedding insurance cost in the uk is £50 This would cover a couple for £16,000 worth of damages

Comparing previous royal weddings

  • 1973
  • 1981
    Prince Charles
    lady Diana Spencer
  • 1986
    Prince Andrew
    Sarah ferguson
  • 2005
    Prince Charles
    Parker bowles
  • 2011
    Prince william
    catherine middleton