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The Mystery Machine - Scooby Doo

The Mystery Machine


The iconic Mystery Machine van belonged to Scooby Doo and the gang, helping those meddling kids foil any criminals dressed as monsters, ghosts and other supernatural creations.

Postman Pat's Van

Postman Pat's Van


Postman Pat and his trusty cat Jess used this Bedford HA Royal Mail van ('Pat 1') to deliver letters and packages around Greendale, solving plenty of problems along the way.

Postman Pat
Trotters Independent Trading

Trotters Independent Trading


The unmistakable yellow Reliant
Regal of Trotters Independent
Trading Co advertises Del Boy and brother
Rodney's exploits in New York, Paris and Peckham.

A-Team Van

A-Team Van


This famed black, grey and red-striped GMC Vandura van was used by the mercenary four-piece to remain on the run from the Army, while also aiding struggles against bad guys across the USA.




Wolfmania hit an all-time high and Scott "Teen Wolf" Howard's best friend, Stiles, cashed-in on his best friend's hairy talents with the Wolfmobile: a mobile shop for merchandise.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



Party time was a firm fixture in
the Ninja Turtles' van, which sported
an unmissable paint job, a huge spoiler, an angry face on the front as well as plenty of storage space for pizza.

The Shaggin' Wagon

The Shaggin' Wagon


Dumb & Dumber's Harry spent his life savings turning his van into a dog, though Lloyd doesn't mock him too much for it; the chicks did supposedly love it, after all.

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss


This Volkswagen T2 Microbus was hardly dependable. Once the clutch went, the family found that pushing it and jumping in at 20mph was the only way to start it. Even the horn was able to get them into trouble with police.

A-Tem van 2010

A-Team Van


As a rehash of the original GMC Vandura, the film outing for this van proved that classics don't really need any updates. However, the cast driving it 27 years later certainly changed.

Vantastic Cars 2

Cars 2


Mater the trusty old tow truck has had a
few scrapes and dents in its time and
has more rust than paint, but he has the star
qualities that see him shine in this film

vantastic new van

You Decide Which Van


No, it's not a film but it's your chance to decide
which van from a film should go in to this
space. So get your thinking caps on
there could be a prize for the winner!