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Frequently asked questions about no claims bonus 

Why do you need my NCB details?

We need proof of your NCB details to ensure we apply the correct level of discount to your policy. 

What can I use for my proof of NCB?

We accept the following proof of NCB:

Actual NCB  - Motor Insurance Renewal Notice – This is from your previous insurer and can be found in your renewal invitation pack.

Mirrored NCB - Policy Schedule and certificate of Insurance.

Statement of Insurance / Facts - This will be from your policy that is currently in force and has you named on the policy. This is contained along with your current certificate of insurance. 

Where do I send my NCB details?

You can send your NCB details via different methods


Email your NCB document


Or email your scanned licence details to

For both licence and bonus email bonus&


Fax your NCB document to 03303 438 506


Post your NCB document to Customer Service NCB, Autonet Insurance, Nile Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 2BA

Post your licence photocopies to Customer Service Licence, Autonet Insurance, Nile Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 2BA

SMS a photo of your document

Send a photo via your phone. Please make sure the text on the document is readable, to 88222, enter the word Autonet followed by a space and your customer reference number shown in the top right hand corner of any document we have sent to you.