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Renew with Autonet and you could save hundreds of pounds!

Autonet Insurance are proud to partner with Onroute, the multi-network fuel card operator that can offer huge savings on your fuel costs throughout the year! This card is only available for self-employed business owners with a van insurance policy with Autonet, and offers direct access to highly competitive wholesale rates for diesel and petrol at fuel pumps across the UK.

How does it work?

So how does Onroute's fuel card work? Firstly; to be eligible for a free fuel card you must:

  • Be an existing van insurance customer with Autonet.
  • Renew your policy for the forthcoming year.
  • Be a self-employed sole trader or have the insurance policy in a company name.

Please note you must complete an application form & pass a credit assessment before you can be approved to receive your fuel card.

Once you have your fuel card - simply fill up with petrol or diesel at one of the designated fuel pumps, then swipe your fuel card at the checkout and Onroute will invoice you the cost at the end of each week at the pre-defined weekly cost.

How much could you save?

You can save up to 5p per litre from national average pump prices, and up to 10p per litre on motorway prices. You will receive an email or text each week telling you what the weekly fuel price is, and this is what you will be charged at regardless of what price is displayed at the fuel pump. Knowing the price is fixed each week will also help you to manage and allocate your fuel budget.

How do I get started?

When you renew your van insurance you will receive your policy documents, which will include information about how to get your fuel card. Simply follow the instructions provided and you will receive your fuel card in the post shortly afterwards, which you are free to start using immediately.

For more information visit their website here where you can also request a call back.

features and benefits:

  • Save up to 5p per litre from national average pump prices, and up to 10p per litre on motorway prices.
  • No transaction fees, minimum contract terms or usage limitations.
  • Interest free credit up to 21 days!
  • Fuel card is available to use at 8,500 sites across the UK!
  • Compatible with Esso, Texaco, Diesel Direct, UK Fuels, Tesco and Morrison’s fuel pumps.
  • Security:
    • Cashless transactions
    • PIN protection
    • Restricted purchases
  • No need to hold onto individual receipts for fuel – all transactions are available on one weekly invoice.
  • Online account management with 24/7 secure account access.
  • Free personalised fuel card

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