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what is an affiliate programme?

By becoming an Affiliate, you are able to generate revenue for your organisation by advertising our products on your website. By placing one or more of our links on your website, we pay you a commission for every policy sale that you generate.

how does the affiliate programme work?

We will give you a unique affiliate reference number. We send an e-mail to you, providing your links to each section of our website and a selection of images and banners FREE of charge. You decide which sections of our website you want to link to and paste the links given to you.

how do you track which business was generated by our link?

You are allocated a unique piece of link code which includes your affiliate reference number. This enables us to track and identify each piece of business that comes through to our website from you. Each time a visitor clicks the link on your site through to ours your affiliate reference is stored in something called a 'cookie'. This cookie is stored on the visitor’s computer for 365 days and is used to identify any purchases that they make, for which you receive commission.

will it cost me anything?

No, the affiliate programme is absolutely FREE! The only investment on your part will be in the time it takes to put our banner on your site.

how much am I paid for each sale?

The amount paid per policy depends on the product that is sold and our industry leading commission payments are negotiable on each individual contract. We pay out on the following products - 

  • Car
  • Van
  • Bike
  • Home

am I paid for all sales made?

Yes, subject to the policy not being cancelled within 14 days of inception and payment being received.

can I advertise more products or am I limited to just one?

Yes, we offer affiliate programme's on nearly all of our products. You could advertise any or all of them.

is there a contracted period?

No, we only ask that affiliate members read and agree to the terms and conditions detailed. There is no minimum or maximum period for affiliates to join the scheme.

how can I influence sales?

As with all forms of advertising, the more prominent the positioning, the greater the chance someone has of clicking on it.

do you make it easy for the customers to recall a quote?

Yes, each quote is given a unique quote reference number allowing the customer to recall all the details quickly and easily.
If a customer goes directly back to our site and does not use a stored quote, we unfortunately have no way of linking that sale back to you.

what is the likelihood of a lead from my site turning into a sale?

It’s a tough question. The success or otherwise depends on many variables such as the demographics of customers using your site: age, sex, location and even the type of site you run. You may find that customers also contact us via a number of different sources, whether this be via another affiliate link, comparison site or find our number in the Yellow Pages. So to ensure fairness we say however the client gets to us at the point of sale is to whom we assign the case.

are there any catches?

The system's really simple. You register as an affiliate, put an ad on your site linking to our quote engine, and every time a visitor to your site uses that link to buy something, you get a payment. And as for us, we get a sale, so it's a perfect win-win arrangement.

are there any limits on what I can earn?

Our affiliate scheme lets anybody with a website earn cash from Autonet Insurance. It's quick, it's easy, it's FREE to join and there's no limit on how much money you can generate for yourself.

do I need to be FCA regulated to become an Affiliate?

No. However, in line with FCA regulations affiliates must not provide advice to the customer but simply have the information on display. We also need to ensure that we further comply with FCA requirements by advising that the affiliate programme is limited to those firms whose businesses are closely linked to our own. For example, motor dealerships and hire and lease companies.

do you pay on renewals?

No commission is paid on renewals.

i am confused about the programme, would support be available?

Yes, you can email us on or give us a call on 0330 343 8860 .