Why get Courier Van Insurance in the UK with Autonet?

The courier business is thriving, and not just for the major delivery companies. There are lots of opportunities for self-employed contractors and small firms to take advantage of the demand for courier drivers, too.

But if you're going to be using your own vehicle to deliver goods to people, you'll first need to secure a reliable Courier Insurance policy that covers your needs.

To provide courier services, it's a legal requirement for you to have Courier Van Insurance. There are other types of insurance that you can get as extras, like Goods in Transit Insurance  and Public Liability Insurance, but these are optional.

If you have an accident in your van or are subject to theft while delivering goods, it's unlikely that your insurance policy will cover you unless you have the right type of cover.

Here at Autonet, we work with some of the industry's leading insurers to make sure that you can get the cover that you need to run your business to its fullest potential.

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Courier Van Insurance FAQs

We know how important it is to you that you protect your van - after all, it's your source of income. You will want to understand exactly what courier van insurance covers, as well as the costs and payment options. To help you to get started, we've put together a list of our frequently asked questions:


Courier Insurance and Haulage Insurance  may appear to be similar at first glance, but there are some crucial differences of which you need to be aware so that you get the right type of cover.

While Courier Insurance covers you for local multi-drop courier services delivering low-value items, Haulage Insurance is more suitable for those who drive long-distance routes. It's also better for drivers who deliver high-value and/or hazardous goods.

All insurance policies have their specific terms and conditions, so make sure that you check these before selecting the policy that you need. You can also talk it through with one of our friendly advisors before you decide.



The price of your Courier Van Insurance can be made cheaper or more expensive based on various factors. These include:

  • The delivery radius within which you operate
  • Your postcode and the local crime rates
  • Where you store the van overnight
  • The age of your vehicle and its make and model
  • Your age and driving experience (premiums are usually higher for under-25s)
  • Any claims and convictions on your record

There are several things that you can do to increase your chances of getting a cheaper quote. For example, you could ensure that your van has good security levels, with an approved alarm and immobiliser.

If you run multiple vans as a courier service, it might also be more cost-effective for you to get Fleet Insurance.

If you have Courier Van Insurance, the minimum level of cover that you are legally required to have, it's important to note that you still won't be protected against every possible eventuality.

This is why you might want to consider certain other optional extras that we offer. The two main ones to bear in mind are:

−      Public Liability Insurance: This covers you against accidents involving members of the public that occur while you're delivering. If a member of the public claims compensation from you, Public Liability Insurance can help you to claim back those costs.

−      Goods-in-Transit Insurance: This covers the value of the individual items that you are delivering. Courier Insurance covers your van itself but not the costs of damage to or theft of your cargo, so Goods-in-Transit Insurance can be very useful to have


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At Autonet, we've been helping people to find insurance policies that cover their needs since 1998. We work alongside some of the UK's leading insurers so that couriers, vehicle recovery organisations, haulage businesses and removal companies can find courier van insurance policies that tick their boxes.

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