Includes NextBase Dash Cam and Motor Legal Expenses cover

Autonet Protect Insurance is designed exclusively for van drivers and offers a variety of features and benefits.

In addition to your comprehensive van insurance, your policy will provide a NextBase Dash Cam and Motor Legal Expenses cover up to £100,000, both included as standard in your policy.

Van Dash Cam

Having a Dash Cam installed means that you’ve got key evidence available whilst you’re on the road - which is especially beneficial should you be involved in an accident. Dash Cams not only provide crucial evidence but can also offer peace of mind.

With Dash Cam footage, there’s more peace of mind when it comes to claims being settled fairly – knowing that you were recording can help to reduce any unnecessary stress.

One thing to note is that your excess is removed if you send in footage of the accident to your insurer. Otherwise, an additional endorsement is applied, which increases the excess by £750.

The process of getting a NextBase Van Dash Cam through Autonet Protect is simple:

Step One: Take out your policy through Autonet Protect. Your Dash Cam will be sent to you by NextBase. It will be sent to you via courier and arrive around seven days after purchasing your policy.

Step Two: Once you receive your Dash Cam, you need to plug it into your 12 volt port. Your camera will come with installation instructions – making it easy for you to fit.

Step Three: Drive Safely and enjoy the protection provided by your new Dash Cam. The footage will record automatically and write over itself so you don’t have to do anything further, but don’t worry, footage of an accident will be safely stored.

Van Dash Cam – Your Van insurance comes with an inclusive Dash Cam. By installing the device and submitting the footage when you claim, you will remove the £750 Accidental Damage excess on your policy.

Your £750 excess will also be removed in the following circumstances:

  • If an accident occurs within 14 days of the policy start date and the dash cam has not been fitted to the insured vehicle
  • If an accident occurs whilst the insured vehicle is parked and the dash cam was inoperative due to the vehicle ignition being switched off.

Please note: The camera footage will be used by your insurer, and may be shared with others, for the purpose of dealing with your claim. Young and inexperienced driver excesses would still apply.

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Motor Legal Expenses cover

Motor legal Expenses is usually worth £39.95, however it’s included in the total price of your quote, because it’s added as standard with your Autonet Protect van insurance policy.

For claims that aren’t your fault, this cover can assist you in settling compensation for:

  • Any injuries you suffer. Cover limits and exclusions apply
  • Any loss of earnings you suffer as a result of the accident (e.g. if you have to have days off work). Cover limits and exclusions apply
  • Other out of pocket Expenses such as items that may have been damaged in the accident (e.g. mobile phones, tablets etc.) Cover limits and exclusions apply
  • Transport costs
  • Telephone calls

Motor Legal Expenses can give you up to £100,000 of cover for legal Expenses incurred by an appointed solicitor or their agent, in pursuit of damages if you are involved in a non-fault accident.

Please keep in mind that for the claim to successfully go through and to receive an appointed solicitor, you would need a traceable third party and reasonable prospects of success.

Why choose Autonet?

  • Up to £100,000 cover for Motor Legal Expenses for non-fault accidents, included as standard
  • Windscreen cover, available as an optional add on to your main policy
  • 24/7 claims helpline
  • Over 25 years of experience that you can trust

24/7 Claims Helpline

If you’ve been in an accident and would like to make a claim, rest assured that our friendly claims team is operating on a 24-hour basis, here to help any time of day or night.

To make a claim, call: 0330 343 9253