Business Fees and Charges

What will you pay us for our services?

The table lists our fees applicable at the time of issuing. Fees are as of May 2023.



Type of transaction
Service Charge
New policy inception and renewal (with the exception of policies incepted on our website- see below)

Excess Public Liability

Hotel Package

PI Combined

Public Liability

Special Types (Inc. Agricultural Vehicle)

Tradesman & Professionals Package

Working from Home Package



Public/Private Hire


Property Owners
Motor Trade  Road Risks Package£74.00 

Office & Surgeries Package

Shops & Salons Package

Fleet Rated Commercial Motor5% of Premium Min £30.00 - Max £500.00 
New policy inception and renewal via our website Tradesman & Professionals Package

New Business - £0.00

Renewal - £17.50

Property Owners

New Business - £0.00

Renewal - £17.50

Any other changes to existing policies £35.00Where a transaction results in a premium refund being due to you, that refund will be reduced by any service charge and any other sums you owe in respect of the policy. 
Cancellation £30.00

Not charged if the policy is cancelled prior to the commencement date of your policy. 

No additional charge will be made on the cancellation of ancillary policies.

Motor Trade Road Risks - Motor Insurance Database updates  £20.00 
Reference to a Debt Collection Agency £25.00Payable if you fall into arrears and we need to instruct a Debt Collection Agency to seek and recover the amount you owe.