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SatNavs causing rage in motorists

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60% of motorists who use satellite navigation systems lose their temper with the devices.

Research conducted found that six out of 10 motorists who use SatNav systems have ended up with road rage aimed at the technology.

Motorists have admitted to shouting and swearing at the sat nav as a way of venting their frustrations, the skobbler survey of 2,000 UK male and female motorists found.

Drivers patience is tested by annoying voice-overs, being taken on unnecessary round-about trips, out dated maps and being provided with unclear directions.

Nearly 10% of motorists have had to stop their car because they have been so frustrated with their SatNav.  One motorists even went so far as to throw his device out of the car window.

The survey asked British drivers aged 17-45 on their reliance towards their SatNav, their relationship with their SatNav and on their motoring habits.

Whilst six out of ten motorists often get angry with their sat nav, a tenth of drivers said on every journey something will happen either with their SatNav, or other external factors, that will stress them out.

Almost half (47%) of those questioned said their relationship with their SatNav was more of the love/hate variety.

By Ben Malkin

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